HRX Technology

hrx project screenshot

This Project was a small project for a startup company name HRx Technology who provide services and technology solutions to interrupt unconscious bias in the workplace. The app is based on Harvard University research on bias test. We tried to develop the app more user friendly and has nice interface to attract users and give the company some data and informations.

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Client/Final Project

client project screenshot

This Project was a group project for a small local business which was done in a group of 4 as a final project using WordPress. Their goal was to introduce a new brand because of the new ownership. We started with UX/UI design for client such as wireframe and mock-up to gain the final approval before starting the developing.

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responsive project screenshot

This project is an single page project with open-subject which is about ColdPlay music group. This Project is based on mobile first and it has 6 break points to help the best usability exprience. The challenge on this project was hero image(banner) and YouTube video that need some extra code and some photoshop skills to have different sizes of hero image to load on different sizes.

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JavaScript and jQuery Tutorial

tutorial project screenshot

This is an school project to show how awesome is JavaScript and jQuery. This page suppose to contain 3 different tutorials using HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, and Photoshop. The first Tutorial is about how to use JavaScript to determine the mouse location to activate the slide-show, the challenge about this part was making sure the slide-show working even when the mouse is moving on top of the pictures.

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game project screenshot

One of the funnest project during school!!!!! A challenge to develop and design a game using JavaScript/jQery. This game is a twist on the Whack-A-Mole game with lots of added features such as difficulty selection and the ability for the user to enter their name. This game has a timer for 20 seconds and every time player hit the ball, the ball will change to another ball and the score increases.

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